The objective of MMAMA project’s Open Innovation Environment is to make the scientific results of this project easy to find, accessible, interoperable and reuseable.

The Open Innovation Platform provides metadata and example datasets, standard operating procedures and software for the different measurement technologies within MMAMA to the interested public without any access restriction. Additionally our example datasets, and any open access publications, presentations, project activity summaries, etc. are published on MMAMA public community on ZENODO .

In addition, MMAMA shares interests with two other European projects and their Open Innovation Platforms:

  • OYSTER OIP: open characterisation and modelling environment to drive innovation in advanced nano-architectured and bio-inspired hard/soft interfaces
  • CORNET OIP: covers the triangle of manufacturing, modeling and experimentation in order to optimize the organic/large area electronic materials, materials’ behavior and nano-devices’ manufacturing processes by linking the nanostructure features with the macroscopic functionality through multiscale (nano to macro) characterization and modeling.

Please check the above links for more information about these projects..

QWED's dissemination activity is available on its website.

If you wish to be included in MMAMA registrar and diffusion list for more privileged and tailored information on the project and/or interaction with the project members, please complete the short form intended for MMAMA stakeholders . The registered stakeholders’ file exchange area can be found HERE . Do not hesitate also to connect with us via Linkedin.

For inquiries regarding material characterization techniques or other inquiries, please contact us.