Description of the organisation

Ayming is a French consulting company specialized in providing support to decision making and tools in order to increase the economic performances of its customers covering the following areas: human resources, tax incentives, public grants for R&D and innovation, purchasing and outsourcing, copyrights claims.
Ayming operates in France, Benelux, Canada, Spain, Portugal, UK, Hungary, Poland & Czech Rep with 1 300 employees worldwide and generates revenues of 164 M€ (2013). The business line “Innovation performance” owns a core expertise in innovation management with 40 experienced consultants trained in a wide field of science & technology, and provides services within :

  • Technology intelligence (technology scouting/watch/positioning/stakeholder analysis)
  • Innovation creativity/processes/management
  • Project engineering/funding/management
  • Innovation marketing (business model, business plan, market studies)

The team has been involved in the set-up & management of collaborative research & innovation projects
since FP 4 and has a proven track record of its experience:

  • Participation to over 300 projects proposals during FP7 with an average success rate of 50% (150 successful projects) representing 2 to 3 times the average success rate depending on the themes of the cooperation program (ref. 6th monitoring report FP7).
  • Ranking at 29th in the list of participating private organisations to FP7 (ref: 6th monitoring report FP7) with several success story projects.
  • Participation in the coordination of 55 FP6 projects and 46 FP7 projects (of which 30 are still currently running).

Support in ~50 HORIZON2020 projects since the beginning of the programme.

Significant infrastructure / major items of technical equipment

As member of the Standardisation Committee of AFNOR (French Standardisation Body) on the Innovation Management, proposition for ISO standard : innovation/management-de-l-innovation-un-premier-document-normatif-francais-pour-mettre-enplace- au-mieux-votre-demarche « Boost your innovation process »; Stakes and good practices in terms of organization and management of innovation :

Main contact

Philippe Lenain

+33 72 35 88 51

Key people involved

Philippe Lenain (physical engineer with a specialization in management of innovative projects) is consultant in AYMING, he has a 15-year experience in the coordination of European and national collaborative research projects for companies/RTDs of different size and in several technological domains (nano-materials, rail transport, cobotic…). He previously worked for different structures, such as SMEs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a European network. His experience as National Contact Point allowed him to participate to all the phases of an EU project and give a solid methodology. At the CCI of Essonne, he set up international projects for different structures (SMEs, labs, CCI...) and for clusters (System@TIC). He currently work as a similar Project manager for IMPROOF project. In addition to his strong industrial and technical background, his key assets for this role of project manager are also related to the ability to perform critical assessment via in-house management tools (dashboard, KPI, Quality & Risk Plans) and thus ensuring the project’s objectives are met while complying with the contractual framework. Moreover, being familiar with the multidisciplinary and transnational characteristics of such consortia, he will be in a position to guarantee a continuous and smooth communication with the partners and the financing institution. Finally, his experience will also allow him to work closely with the Exploitation & Innovation Manager in order to make sure that the project results are turned into value for the consortium members.

Laurence NAIGLIN (female), holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics and a Master’s Degree in Scientific and Technical Communication. She has +15 years of experience in the field of scientific Research. She started her career as a researcher in academic labs and a startup company (Entomed SA). She then worked at the interface between public laboratories and private companies as communication and marketing manager in the technological transfer office of University of Lyon. Following this experience, she took the position of project manager of a research collaborative project called “Laboratory of excellence” (ECOFECT) where she provided support to the coordinators and the consortium of 36 teams for 4 years. She then joined LYSARC (The Lymphoma Academic Research Organization) and the CALYM Carnot Institute as communication manager in the clinical research field.

She joined Ayming in September 2019 as a senior consultant within the Funding and Innovation Performance Business Line, Grant & Partnership Department. She will provide support to the MMAMA’s Project as the work-package leader of the WP7 Communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.