WORKSHOP in MIKON2020 on Measurement Techniques

MMAMA will participate to the Microwave and Radar week 2020, which has been delayed to 5-8 October 2020.

The consortium prepared a press release.

You can register either for the workshop or for the workshop and the conference

The participation to the workshop is free of charge.

Material and Impedance Measurement Techniques in the Project MMAMA

Organisers: Dr. Johannes Hoffmann, METAS (Switzerland), Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, QWED (Poland)

Manufacturing industry is putting more and more complicated materials and material systems onto the market. These are new semiconductor materials, composites, organic semiconductors, and many others. Knowing the electromagnetic parameters of these materials is the basis for product development. The effective extracted material parameters are used in microwave simulations and design but also, the spatially resolved material measurements are needed to progress material science. This workshop will show recent developments in highly precise material measurements for bulk materials and measurements with spatial resolution of about 20nm. The workshop includes live presentations of material measurement systems.

Confirmed presentations:

  1. Introduction to MMAMA project by Coordinator (Prof. Gilles Dambrine, IEMN).
  2. METAS SMM technique and applications (Dr. Johannes Hoffmann, METAS).
  3. KEYSIGHT impedance spectroscopy and coaxial probe (Dr. Ferry Kienberger, KEYSIGHT).
  4. QWED material characterization systems (Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, QWED).
  5. IEMN SMM techniques (Dr. Kamel Haddadi, IEMN).