Rewatch our workshop on Microwave Microscopy for Efficient Materials Analysis and Production!

MMAMA’s consortium is delighted to invite you to participate in our workshop, where you will find more information on our topics and have the opportunity to ask your questions:

  • General presentation of MMAMA - K. HADDADI (IEMN)
  • S2S line and integration of the resonator and Impedance Spectroscopy with the associated results - S.BEN DKHIL (DRACULA TECHNOLOGIES)
  • R2R line and integration of the Free Space Antenna together with the associated results - ADAMANT COMPOSITES LTD
  • Dielectric resonator measurements of semiconductor and composite materials - M. CELUCH (QWED)
  • Energy materials and structures for the validation of microwave characterization methods - O.DOUHERET (MATERIA NOVA)

The video is available online: